We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. At Social Impact Apps we believe that communicating that change will be most effective when it is integrated in our daily lives. When it becomes social, a persons’ behavior start to change. That’s why we reach out to brands to help a fast changing world change by engaging the generations that are impacted by it.

“Consumers around the world are saying loud and clear that a brand’s social purpose is among the factors that influence purchase decisions… This behavior is on the rise and it provides opportunities for meaningful impact in our communities.”

Nielsen - Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility

Advertisement is one of the most influential forces in today’s society. We are confronted with advertising and marketing messages every day, all around us…

Imagine if we use this power to make our society better!

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CHANGE for a New Generation

How a generation can change the world

The possibilities of billions of people connected by mobile devices, with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge, are unlimited.

And these possibilities will be multiplied by emerging technology breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, material-science, energy storage, and quantum computing.

Change for a New Generation is written by Stephanus Vermeulen and is about how a new world is being molded. From “The 4th Industrial Revolution to the behavioral change of the Generations that are causing it. Change for a New Generation is a must-read guide into the new world!

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Simply put, people — millennials most of all —want the companies they buy from to practice business sustainably and ethically. They also want companies to practice marketing in a socially responsible way.

ACTIONBOUND Marketing is SlA's custom plan that enables Brands to use their Corporate Social Responsibility to drive Social Impact the most effective way! ACTIONBOUND Marketing toolbox brings significant cost savings and enables a brand to engage customers, create loyalty and collect user data.

How it works: our battle proven platforms engage visitors and direct them to web and App environments full of exciting challenges, games information and rewards, all controllable by an easy to use content management system.

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In today's world everyone is receiving and processing information faster than ever. Waiting a day is one day too late! So, how can we reach the right target that makes the biggest impact. In this me-too world, everyone is trying to promote their own hashtag --- do you wait for your social cause or hashtag cause to go viral?

SPRAAKIT is an online platform that promotes social advocacy and activity through social network referrals. SPRAAKIT rewards consumers for getting their friends involved in social causes by matching them to the brands that support these causes.

Through Artificial Intelligence (Al), SPRAAKIT identifies similar networks with similar intensities that may also support your brands social cause and provide recommendations to increase your social network.The more people use it, the more they support your cause and your (Social Impact) message goes viral.

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The gap between citizens and the political process has never been wider than it is today, and it is even wider for younger voters. PMC is on a mission to change this by increasing public participation in the democratic process and re-energizing enthusiasm for politics.

We make democracy fun and relevant by turning it into personal, actionable content.The PMC Platform engages mobile users where they live and breath, reaching them on a daily base.

In today's world, mobile devices are people's preferred media modality. By understanding their behavior and utilizing the same platforms they use daily, we bring our political leaders into the conversation with current and future voters.

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Augmented reality (AR) is a direct or indirect live view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are "augmented" by computer-generated perceptual information.The primary value of Augmented reality is that it brings components of the digital world into a person's perception of the real world

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Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game context. Gamification commonly employs game design elements to improve user engagement, organizational productivity flow, learning, crowd-sourcing, employee recruitment and evaluation etc.

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Engagement Marketing is a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience. Rather than looking at consumers as passive receivers of messages, engagement consumers should be actively involved, developing a relationship with the brand.

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An App Builder is an self-service app creator that allows users with no coding skills to build native applications and HTML5 web apps in the cloud, deliver them to seven different operating systems and distribute them on the major application stores.

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The idea that millennials ignore politics is a myth. In fact in today's political climate, they are often the most outspoken, they just express their political concerns but via different outlets.

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Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), we identify similar networks with similar intensities that may also support your brands' social cause and provide recommendations to increase your social network.The more people use it, support your cause and your message goes viral.

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How many times do you get a discount that you will never use... With this technology you can enable your participating consumers to swap discounts with other participating consumers.

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With absolutly no costs to consumers, merchants can automatically give a discount that you direct to your chosen nonprofit. All 501(c)(3) organizations are preapproved. You can change your nonprofit or cancel at any time. Credit or debit card information is required to facilitate donations.

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Achieve cumulative results with crowdsourcing. Individuals or organizations can obtain services. These services include ideas, finances and solutions from a large, relatively open and often rapidly-evolving group of internet users.

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Some of the Top Brand Marketers that booked success with our featured technologies.
(Note: Not all were social Impact Capaigns)

ico - social impact token (t4g)

Social Impact Advertising tool in Block-chain


Social Impact Apps is driving Action for Social Impact Brands by providing a direct method to reward participating Consumers with 4Good Crypto-token, toward a positive outcome for humanity.

Want to know more about T4G? Our whitepaper has all the information you need to know

“Recognize that millennials' personal long-term goals may have nothing to do with your brands' long-term goals. Discover and facilitate their long-term goals, and they will be more inclined to help your brand achieve success.”

Bill Capodagli

“Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.”

Steve Jobs



“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Native American Proverb

“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.”

Nelson Mandela

Not so long ago, there was a large disconnect between doing good and good business. Social Impact Campaigns can help your company by aligning doing good deeds and doing good business — increasing revenue, creating new markets, driving innovation, retaining talent, and opening the doors to new business opportunities.

“Social Impact Apps is all about Action… We like to turbo-charge a brand’s CSR by connecting their message to real causes to drive real action!”

Causes is the world's largest online campaigning platform

1B actions taken

186M registered users

156 countries

To help your brand to support a cause or even start a new one... Social Impact Apps is associated with the largest online campaigning platform, The Causes platform enables people who support a common social cause and to take action together. does exactly what we like… It empowers people to create “CHANGE” in the world through online organizing and drive Action. Your brand can support a common cause.

What can that mean for your brand?

Users can publicize their activity to their personal network and use social pressure to engage friends and get more people involved and your brands’ message goes viral.

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Social Impact Apps is going to reward brands with a certification, based upon their efforts of taking action towards a good outcome of our society. The certification is going to be called:

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“Millennials don’t just want to read the news anymore... ...They want to know what they can do about it!”

Ian Somerhalder



What we can do for you?

Social Impact Apps connects your brand to social causes that align with your brand’s values and the Social Issues you want to support and provides the Tools to reach your goals and the Project Teams to Execute your campaign.

Cost Effective

Social Impact Apps cuts out the middleman and many of the associated expenses by automating many of the system processes. Developer costs for custom processes are transparent and customer service is always available to help your team when they need it.

Marketing Partner

Social Impact Apps wants to be your Marketing Partner. With a combined 100+ years of experience and a network in 5 continents we can set-up a local team that can deliver top notch Social Impact Campaigns with our Technologies. Our technologies are within the top 10 of their segment and are perfect to create, manage and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns.

What does this mean for you?

Through our partnership, our clients have access to the brightest minds and the best digital marketing solutions and insights. Being your Partner means we provide access, management, training, implementation, and consulting services across our digital marketing solutions. We are at the cutting edge of digital advancements, both strategically and technologically and we share that with you.


With our Social Impact Apps twitter channel you can keep up with news, current pressing issues, causes and the newest sustainable technologies. Follow Us!

Our approach

We fully understand that our clients need to make the most of their marketing spend. Social Impact Apps works closely with all our clients to understand their business needs. Then, we answer these challenges through innovative, effective and practical results-driven campaigns. Our four-step process takes you from setup to campaign optimization, starting with a discovery process through too continual analysis and refinement of your campaign.


Our service models vary from self-service to fully integrated account management across our platforms. We work with you to understand your requirements and build a solution that best fits its your needs.

1. Discover

Audit activity, determine integration and develop a roadmap for growth.

2. Setup

Define agreed campaign architecture and best practice guidelines and setup account.

3. Implementation & training

Full management - Manage your campaigns to align with business goals. Self-service - Train your staff and build out a migration plan.

4. Analyze & refine

Full management – Social Impact Apps will continuously test, analyze and optimize campaigns. Self-service - Launch, optimize and measure your campaigns with online support from Social Impact Apps.

plan your social impact job

Develop a Theory of Change

social impact apps

Social Impact Apps offers technology that enables Brands to drive Social Impact!

Our Mission

In short... WE BELIEVE THAT THE WORLD NEEDS TO CHANGE FAST! ...and we need your help to do that.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution We stand on the brink of a worldwide revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. At Social Impact Apps we believe that communicating that change will be most effective when it is integrated in our daily lives. Changing minds and changing behavior becomes permanent when it becomes social and is ingrained into our daily habits. For this communication we look to YOUR BRAND!

The business

Social Impact Apps is a DO-GOOD COMPANY! Our focus is on enabling Brands to make changes for good in a fast changing world. WE CAN ENABLE YOUR BRAND TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

The new consumer is driven by meaning and idealism. That is why Social Impact Marketing should be a part of every brand’s marketing mix. The new consumer is also driven by engagement and action rather than static info and wants to be involved in making that change. Our goal is to distribute tools to brands to reach the new generation with a positive message and drive social impact by supporting/ sponsoring pressing causes directly. So now you know... We are ACTIVISTS and we are starting a REVOLUTION... --- JOIN US AND LEAD THE CHANGE!

Who are we:

Social Impact Apps Inc. was founded by Stephanus Vermeulen (currently CEO). Stephanus‘ inspiration for Social Impact Apps was born during the time when he served as Social Impact Advisor to President Barack Obama’s “Change” policy in 2010. Social Impact Apps’ focus is on Social Impact Marketing. We are committed to drive innovation and enable progress to have a positive impact on our society.


Social Impact Apps core is a team of topnotch marketing/technology professionals who are among the best and brightest in their field --- SIA has offices in NYC, LA, Amsterdam and Lisbon and has done work across the globe.


Stephanus Vermeulen

SIA - Founder/CEO

Former Advisor Presidential Review Board President Obama


Bulent Candan

SIA - Partner/CMO

Managing Director OFS, A Merkle Company


Jim Freeman

SIA - Partner/Politics

Political Consultant at Freeman Public Affairs


Frank Woei

SIA - Partner/Chief

Data Scientist A.I. Enthusiast Founder/CEO


Ton Rosendaal


Partner at CFO Network

Marty Kaplan

SIA - Sr. Advisor

Former Exec. VP ATT, Board member; JDS Uniphase – JDSU

(San Francisco)

Hugo Hanselmann

SIA - Marketing and Strategy Advisor Former Global Director Digital Connections Anheuser Bush InBev


Sean Angus

SIA - PR/ Marketing Advisor

President/ Co-founder of The Launchpad Agency,

(Los Angeles)

Jasper Hoekert

SIA - Innovation, Technology Advisor

Co-Founder/CEO, Revenue Engineers


Cesar Couto Ferreira

SIA - Startup Advisor

CEO at Fabrica do Futuro Former GM Vice Portugal and head of content MTV Networks

(Porto Alegre Area, Brazile)

Michael Geszel

SIA - Business Strategy Advisor

founder of Geszel Arts and SoulCraft Media


Harry (Henricus) Hensgens

SIA - Sr. Advisor

Activist investor, with focus on start-ups


Wouter Slob

SIA - Project Management


Jacob Magalhaes

SIA - Sales


Sagar Singh

SIA - Administration


Johnatan Kaplan

SIA - Creative Advisor


(San Francisco)

partners & associates

Social Impact Apps is proud to work together with our partners and associates