Welcome to the New World Reality!

We are at the beginning of a technical revolution that will fundamentally change the way we work, live and relate to one other. Its’ scope, scale and complexity is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. At the same time… We have never been more divided. Our lifestyles pollute the world we live in, there are wars all over the globe, we are refusing people to enter our countries, while hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and forest fires are destroying our homes more frequently every time. But there is light at the horizon… There are 2 new kids in town. Millennials and Centennials are destined to change the world. And because of their size, they can! We just entered the era of Change, Activism and Action!

The era of Change, Activism and Action:

We keep updating our operating systems and smartphones all the time, we completely forget to update our human systems, our beliefs and habits.

Luckily, a new breed of open-minded, world-centric individuals has begun to question the status quo and the way our society works. They realize that some traditional norms simply don’t fit into our hyper-informed, creative and technological age anymore and things need to change.

Social Impact Apps drives Change by creating a direct economic link between BRANDS, CONSUMERS and SOCIAL GOOD DEEDS.

The Rise of Brand Activism:

As we face this new frontier, we are seeing the rise of brand activism as the people’s champion in a post-truth world! We are not changing peoples’ behavior by just telling them, what's wrong. We are also not changing peoples’ behavior by showing how it should be… We believe that change must be woven into our daily lives… That’s where it can change our behavior. Brands are part of our lives… They are all around us, 24/7… So why not use that power to do good… We start to see more and more social advertising campaigns around us, most just create awareness… Awareness isn’t good enough… WE NEED (BRAND) ACTIVISM... ACTION!

4Good Marketplace

4Good Marketplace is an online platform that appeals to Brand Activism & CSR and creates a direct economic link between Brands, Consumers, and Social Good Deeds. Like every other marketplace, we connect buyers and sellers…

What sets us apart is that we use Ai and Blockchain to stimulate giving to Grassroots Causes that drive real action!


We reward consumers for getting their friends involved in social causes by matching them to the brands that support these causes.

Through Artificial Intelligence (Ai), we identify similar networks with similar intensities that may also support a brands social cause and provide recommendations to increase a social network, and their messages go viral.


Harness the forces of capitalism to work toward a positive outcome for humanity. Blockchain technology (4Good Tokens) allows our digital

marketing tools, featured in the 4Good marketplace to reward consumers in an open and transparent manner. Consumers can see the direct economic impact of their personal usage of a brand on the fabric of society.

Company and Founders

Social Impact Apps has been founded by Stephanus Vermeulen in Los Angeles. Stephanus is a Passionate Social Impact Entrepreneur, Global Advertising (Amsterdam, New York, LA, New Zealand, South America), and Hollywood TV and Film Veteran, former Social Impact Advisor to the Presidential Review Board and Distinguished Counsel of President Obama. But foremost, he is a “4GOOD ACTIVIST”, with experience on 5 continents.

Social Impact Apps is an International Company with an extended Global Business Network. The company is managed by an Experienced International Team: Stephanus Vermeulen-Founder CEO (Amsterdam/Lisbon), Frank Woei-Co-Founder CTO (NYC), Bulent Candan-Partner/CMO (Amsterdam) and TonRosendaal-CFO (Utrecht).

We currently have offices in NYC, LA, Amsterdam and Lisbon. Social Impact Apps also has an impressive advisory board including the former Executive VP of ATT Global, and a former Global Digital Chief of AB INBEV. From concept and strategy to execution, our teams’ combined experience includes working with most of the major Global Brands... All over the World.


Stephanus H. Vermeulen

Founder - CEO - Activist

Former Advisor Presidential Review Board President Obama

(Global - Lisbon)

Frank Woei

SIA - Partner - CTO

Data Scientist A.I. Enthusiast Founder/CEO Spraakit.com


Bulent Candan

SIA - Partner - CMO

Managing Director OFS, A Merkle Company


Ton Rosendaal


Partner at CFO Network


Advisory Board

Marty Kaplan

SIA - Sr. Advisor

Former Exec. VP ATT, Board member; JDS Uniphase – JDSU

(San Francisco)

Hugo Hanselmann

SIA - Marketing and Strategy

Advisor Former Global Director Digital Connections Anheuser Bush InBev

(Global - Brussels)

Sean Angus

SIA - PR - Marketing Advisor

President/ Co-founder of The Launchpad Agency,

(Los Angeles)

Jonathan Hall

SIA - Global Growth & Strategy Advisor

Senior Partner Kantar Consulting

Advisory Board

Harry Hensgens

SIA - Sr. Advisor

Activist investor, with focus on start-ups


Jim Freeman

SIA - Political Advisor

Political Consultant at Freeman Public Affairs


Johnatan Kaplan

SIA - Creative Advisor

Owner - election.com

(San Francisco)

Cesar Couto Ferreira

SIA - Startup Advisor

CEO at Fabrica do Futuro Former GM Vice Portugal and head of content MTV Networks

(Porto Alegre Area, Brazile)

Advisory board

Jasper Hoekert

SIA - Innovation, Technology Advisor

Co-Founder - CEO, Revenue Engineers


Michael Geszel

SIA - Business Strategy Advisor

founder of Geszel Arts and SoulCraft Media

(NYC - LA - Miami)


Wouter Slob

SIA - Project Management


Jacob Magalhaes

SIA - Social Media, Sales

(Lisbon - Porto - Toronto)

Partners and Associates

We're proud to work with or partners and associates.

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